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Last Day of Winter

March 13th, 2014 by Dustin Parmenter · No Comments · General, Thoughts

This season really got to me this time around, and I know I’m not the only one. I haven’t met a soul who hasn’t confessed to a higher-than-average Netflix / HBOGo binge-watching rate in months — thank god for House of Cards, True Detective, and The Wire — and people don’t seem to be interested in doing much else besides moving in quick vectors form obligation to obligation, heated place to heated place.

But in the background of all this, at least for me, there’s been constant flux. As you might remember, I moved from Bushwick to Fort Greene just after the new year, quit my terrible job two weeks later, spent six weeks interviewing for a “dream job” that would’ve taken me out of the Queens College MFA Program*,  spent another three weeks looking for palatable employment… and now, it’s all over. That is to say that winter and the threat of destitution have finally taken the hint, and realized that I’m here to stay. Last week, it practically rained jobs: I became an SAT / ACT tutor (get at me for hourly rates), was offered a part-time stocking gig at a Bushwick wine shop (politely declined), was offered another gig helping a Brooklyn-based appliance repairman (Dustin now works for Justin; A-to-Zen Appliance, at your service!), and got a call for an interview at a Manhattan ad agency for a copywriting position (I cancelled today’s interview yesterday). So, two jobs accepted, two snubbed – not bad for a week’s work. Employment: check. School: check. Springtime: check.

Writing: ________. Not much progress lately, except for personal scribbling. What with the busy job search and figuring that half of the work is the evolution of perspective and letting the concepts bounce around the ole bone cage, I’ve been sitting on the “manuscript” since sending it off to those folks in Chicago, who I’m still waiting for feedback from with bated breath (HINT HINT; NUDGE NUDGE). New things are coming down the pipeline though. I can feel it.

That’s all for now. More soon.



*There are such things as bad dreams, you know.

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