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I’d never been to Queens College. I’d never been to Kew Garden Hills, Flushing, or Jamaica; I’d never been on the 7, J, or F trains. I’d never been to the borough of Queens. I’d never been to Brooklyn. I’d been to Manhattan three times for a job that I never got. I’m not from here. On August 11th 2013, I moved from Chicago IL to New York NY to become who I am – a writer.

My name is Dustin Parmenter, and this is what this Flyleaf is about: this. Splashing words across your screen. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on various books, interviews with up-and-coming writers in NYC, endless comparisons of Chicago and New York, posting my original work as well as notices and media regarding literary events in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and beyond,¬†and¬†generally ranting about the ups and downs of life as a writer.

I’m an MFA Fiction student at Queens College, and I have never been here before.

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  • Meg

    :’) love you

  • Raj

    Go Dustin! Live in the struggle and share with other twenty somethings strugglin along on the West Coast. When you’re tired of the grittiness of NY, and can afford a ticket, come visit me in Berkeley.

  • Jen

    The act of creating is singly courageous. Exercise caution, and be a little greedy.

  • Sushi

    Good jerb, chasin’ them dreams.

    Don’t forget about us when you’re famous; I came all the way from Toledo to make it to your going away party.

    I haven’t been told enough about how New York is better than Chicago; please, embellish.

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